WBE Certification

What is WBE Certification?

WBE Certification is the title that is awarded to businesses that are majority owned by women.  Women-owned businesses are considered to be an ‘socially disadvantaged’ segment within the U.S. population.  This program applies to all companies that are located within the contiguous United States and is at least 51% woman-owned and controlled.

Why get certified?

There are many advantages for businesses owned by women executives, one of the largest is the ability of Certified Woman-owned Business Enterprises (WBEs) to bid on and fulfill contracts with corporations that have diverse spend requirements. Corporations have created supplier diversity programs in an effort to streamline their procurement efforts to ensure that diversity spend goals are being met. The U.S. Federal Government has created a set of requirements mandating a certain level of MWBE spend before they may be considered for any federal contracts. Companies with a successful diverse supplier program are eligible to be rewarded with both state and federal tax breaks and incentives. There are numerous federal and state programs that offer tax incentives for business that align themselves with certified WBEs.

How to get certified

WBE Certification can be had on both the local (state) level and the national (federal) level. We’re here to give you an easy guide to help you get WBE Certified.

Minimum Requirements

-Business is at least 51% Woman(en) owned and controlled

-Woman owner must be a woman and a U.S. Citizen or legal resident

-Woman owner must serve as either President or CEO (if both exist in corporate structure)

-Woman owner must have ownership and have been in her ‘officer’ position for at least  6 months

-Woman owner must be active in management on a day-to-day basis