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Coupa’s free Catalog Management Solutions showcase your products to buyers in large organizations.

Optimize your sales effectiveness with Coupa’s Catalog Solutions

Show more of what you sell through high ­quality catalogs that provide the consumer ­like shopping experience buyers demand.
Make it easier for purchasers to buy from you in a way that’s compliant with their company’s policy.
Support informed buying decisions and maximize searchability by building data­ rich content.


Improve Purchase Order Accuracy

Coupa Catalogs simplify the ordering process, helping reduce order entry errors and eliminating inaccurate pricing from purchase orders and invoices.

Drive more business compared to other platforms

Unlike other platforms that tend to focus on popular items, Coupa Catalogs support niche items as well. Coupa analyzes item names and descriptions to optimize for search, so your items pop to the top.

Win-Win for you and your buyers

Coupa makes it easy for you to build and optimize your catalog to deliver a win-win for you and your buyers: buyers get higher end user acceptance and more spend under management, and you sell more.

How it works

Hosted Catalog

A hosted catalog is the quickest and easiest way for you to add searchable items into Coupa. You create a catalog, and you or your buyer can upload it directly into Coupa.
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Punchout Catalog

Punch-out catalogs are integrated external links to your web-based catalog.

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