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Having a Coupa Verified account helps you reach businesses spending billions. Be seen by customers when they’re searching Coupa to buy from trusted businesses like yours

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3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Business

Step 1: Create your Coupa account

Provide your business details to start the account creation process.

Step 2: Coupa Verifies your business

Provide a bank confirmation letter or voided check to start the verification process.

Step 3: Get noticed. Grow your business.

Once verified, Coupa will issue a Coupa Verified badge and change your business trust level.

Who are Coupa customers?

Coupa customers range from the biggest companies on earth to mid-market businesses spanning industries such as Banking & Investment, Industrial Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Consumer Products, Automotive, Life Sciences, and so much more.

What do Coupa customers buy?

Coupa customers buy everything from electrical supplies to facilities maintenance services through Coupa. Thousands of categories and subcategories including tools, computer equipment, electrical supplies, electronics, office supplies, janitorial service, construction materials, spare parts, cleaning supplies, lab supplies, facilities supplies, industrial equipment, fixtures, adhesives and so much more.

What Do I Get With a Coupa Verified Account?


Instant Trust

Offer peace of mind to our customers

Greater Exposure

Rise to the top of search results

Payment Ready

Show you are ready to do business

How much does it cost to get a Coupa Verified account?

Gain trust and exposure to a growing community of buyers spending $1.3 trillion per year for less than $1 a day

To maintain your verified status

Your account must be complete at all times during the validity period of verified status with up to date and account information.
Users on your account have to be logged at least once on a rolling six-month basis to maintain validity.