Grow Your Business with Coupa Catalogs

Imagine tapping into $1 trillion of corporate spend. That is the power of Coupa Catalogs.  

Think about Coupa like Amazon for B2B businesses. We are a digital marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. Through our closed-loop system, we facilitate the entire customer journey from awareness through purchase. We make you visible to thousands of qualified purchase managers. All you have to do is communicate your value.

Step 1: Create a Discoverable Profile

Completed profiles show up in the top 50% of search results for buyers and ensure that you are top-of-mind when Coupa buyers are looking for products or services in your category. Once you are in the system, you’ll get invitations to sourcing events that matter most to you. From office supplies to temporary labor, we have events to drive your business growth.

Take the extra time to think through all of the elements of your profile. 

Be clear and concise with your company description. Call out what makes your products and services unique. And if you are a minority-owned diverse business, be sure to be included in our diverse business directory

Step 2: Post your catalogs

Coupa’s free Catalog Management Solutions showcase your products to buyers in large organizations. To meet the needs of a range of businesses, we support two types of sourcing catalogs. Which one is right for you?

Hosted Catalogs

The content from Hosted Catalogs is easily accessible from the Coupa home page. Buyers can hunt for the product or service they need from the search bar on the upper right-hand corner. Hosted catalogs eliminate the need for you to set up your own e-commerce system. The format enables you to update and change the information in real-time.  

Punchout Catalogs

Punchout Catalogs require the Coupa buyer to follow a link to your e-commerce website, where they shop as normal. Then, when they are ready to check out, they’re brought back to Coupa with the items they previously chose in their cart. Users can then submit a requisition in Coupa, using the items, costs, and details from your website.

If you aren’t sure which option is right for you – contact us here.

Coupa has partnered with a Catalog Management Service, Supcat who can also assist you to get your catalogs up and running. You can watch a webinar recording to learn more.

View our help section to learn how to create and manage hosted catalogs.