KleerCard: Corporate cards that move at the speed of your business

When you think about the list of things to do to build your business, accounting isn’t likely anywhere near the top. In fact, managing expense reports, tracking bills, and documenting approvals usually seem to be obstacles to the agility needed to build a successful business. 

Some of the world’s most innovative companies are using new technology to streamline their business operations so they can direct every ounce of energy to building their own successful company. Including:

  • Automating accounting with virtual cards
  • Protecting your business from cyber threats with virtual cards
  • Setting budgets with custom card controls
  • Removing your personal guarantees from corporate cards
  • Finding the right cash back, payment terms, and credit limit that work for your business
  • Fully separating your personal finances from your business accounting to fuel growth

Sure, it’s always good to learn all the things you need to be doing to run a growth-focused business, but let’s be honest: there are so many pressing needs every business leader faces that one more webinar or one more technology can seem intimidating. But KleerCard isn’t just a technology. With our dedicated team of Customer Success Managers, you will have the focused attention from a KleerCard team member that will help get everything set up and going for your business. We won’t send you an anonymous email with a bunch of links to videos. Instead, our dedicated Success Manager will become a part of your trusted team. 

KleerCard was founded by small business owners, so we know how important it is to have the support and help to get up and going with minimal interference to a growth mindset. That is why we offer personal one-on-one implementation sessions and your own dedicated Success Manager will be available by talk or text so you never get answered by a machine. 

So build your business, the KleerCard team will help make finances easy every step of the way.  

Missed the event? Check out the recording  to learn more about KleerCard and how they can help your business access simple credit, unlimited physical & virtual cards, and unlimited cash back, with all the controls you need.