Coupa Perks: Exclusive Savings for Small Business

Coupa Perks: Exclusive savings for small businesses

Why should big companies get all the savings? We have curated exclusive discounts from the Coupa Community to help your business dollar go further. Read on to learn more about the Coupa Perks program, and how to offer your own perks.

Coupa Supplier Perks – Curated for Small Businesses Just Like You

With Coupa Perks, your business can receive exclusive discounts offered by other businesses in the Coupa Community.
To access perks, all you have to do is sign in or sign up for a free Coupa Supplier Portal account, and click on the Add-ons tab to view One-Click Savings. Our members like UPS, 1-800-FLOWERS, and Sterling have created exclusive discounts for you.
If you’re interested in offering your own Perks to the rest of the Coupa Community. To do so, simply express interest through the Coupa Supplier Portal.
To learn more about Supplier Perks, check out our Perks homepage.

Save Money While Giving Back to your Community with Coupa Cares

Coupa Cares aims to give back to non-profit organizations all over the world, ranging from volunteer work to support global initiatives such as The United Nations International Children’s Fund or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Through Supplier Perks, a portion of your purchase will contribute to the Coupa Cares program. Learn more about the Coupa Cares program here.

Take it a step further with Coupa Advantage

Coupa Advantage is a trusted advisor to customers; when you are a Coupa Advantage supplier, you will be viewed with that same trust. Coupa Advantage gives you premier access to Coupa’s wide array of customers. You’ll be able to drive revenue from new business as well as existing customers, while reducing customer acquisition costs due to accelerated sales cycles, and giving back to our global community, with a portion of sales donated to the Coupa Cares foundation. Customer loyalty will also increase as customers consolidate vendors and drive further business towards your company.

Coupa Advantage Suppliers offer pre-negotiated discounts in a range of business categories, guaranteeing faster punchouts, cXML invoicing, and quick content for a smooth transition. To learn more about Coupa Advantage, go to our Coupa Advantage homepage or express interest through the Coupa Supplier Portal.