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New to Coupa Pay? The Help Center has everything you need to know to successfully get paid by your customers on Coupa.

Coupa Pay Overview

An overview of getting paid online by your Coupa customers

Get set up for digital payments

Update your Coupa Supplier Portal account to get paid online

Digital Checks

Have your Coupa customers email you a digital check that you can print or scan to deposit to your bank.

Domestic & Global Bank Transfers

Your customers pay directly from their bank account to yours.

Credit Cards

Get paid faster by accepting corporate card payments from your Coupa customers.

Static Early Pay Discounts

Get paid earlier by offering static early payment discount terms when you create your invoices

Dynamic Early Pay Discounts

Get paid earlier by setting early payment discount terms on approved invoices in the Coupa Supplier Portal

Connecting your Stripe account to Coupa

Connect your Stripe account to Coupa for straight-through invoice processing and settlement.

Getting Started with Coupa

New to Coupa? Here is a quick reference guide to get started

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