We update the Coupa Supplier Portal regularly to give you a better experience and fix issues.

These release notes explain what’s new and improved. Each new update includes all the changes from earlier updates.

September 2021 Release

Supplier Profile Enhancements

Other CSP Enhancements

  • Improved supplier experience when merging CSP accounts
  • Improved CSP signup/login experience
  • Availability fields added to the Catalogs loader
  • Namibia English language support
  • Request Connection link added to Customer Setup page
  • Remit-to contact fields now required for certain countries
May 2021 Release
New Supplier Profile Design

Supplier Requested Linkage

Supplier Remit-to Attachments

Updated Interface for Supplier Early Payment Requests
We have made improvements to the supplier Early Payment Discounts experience that include improvements to the CSP user interface and a new design for the Early Payment Discounts add-on.

September 2020 Release

Smart Onboarding of Suppliers

Supplier Business Performance

Updated CSP customer profile Sync

View Public Sourcing Events in the CSP

Other CSP Enhancements:

  • You can see dispute reasons in the table of invoices and are notified of PO cancelations and PO acknowledgement requests.
May 2020 Release

CSP Profile Data Reuse

One-Click Savings

Other CSP Enhancements:

Public and customer-specific profiles are more clearly differentiated, and customer-specific profile pages include information about which customers do not allow profile changes by default. Also, users are arranged in alphabetical order and the user permissions are enhanced to provide targeted access to orders and service/timesheets.

January 2020 Release
September 2019 Release
Announcements to Suppliers in the CSP

cXML Error Notifications to Suppliers

Enhancements to the CSP Home and Profile Pages

Improved PO Emails to Suppliers

  • PO emails you receive have a new look and feel, enhanced content, and the improved ability to create a CSP account from emails.

Supplier Support Chat

Early Payment Discount Term Segments

For any other questions/issues not covered here please contact Supplier Chat Support via the chat window on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).