The new Payments Dashboard allows suppliers of Coupa Pay customers to manage outstanding and overdue payments, process card and digital check payments, offer early payment discounts to their customers, and reconcile Coupa Pay customer payments to their bank account.

Note: This view is only available to suppliers of Coupa Pay customers.

If you want to check out the new Payments Dashboard, send your request to [email protected].

How It Works

When you go to the Payments page from the top menu, on the left of the page, click on the customer’s name for which you want to see payment details.

You might need to provide some information to see payment details.

If you have not provided a legal entity, you are asked to update your business information, and clicking Get Started takes you to the Admin / Legal Entity Setup page to set up a legal entity.

If you have not added or shared your bank account with the customer, you need to provide your bank information to receive direct deposits, or you need to provide an email address if you want to receive credit card information for virtual card payment. Clicking Get Started takes you to the Admin / Remit-To page to add a remit-to account.

Payments Page Overview

If you have set up a payment account, you can see an overview of your payment transactions, a list of tasks, and payment setup progress and options.
From here, you can manage your invoice payments, payment accounts, and early pay discount preferences, and you can process your card payments and digital checks.

For more information see View and Manage Payments.

New Payments Page Video

Watch a video of the New Payments Dashboard.