You can now connect your new or existing Stripe account to your Coupa Supplier Portal account and seamlessly process virtual card invoice payments. Payments will automatically be deposited to your bank account via Stripe.

How It Works

Setup & Connect


Register / your stripe account


Activate your Stripe account


Register/ Log in to your supplier portal account


Provide the email to get credit card in CSP


Connect Stripe to your CSP account
Getting paid


Register / your stripe account


Activate your Stripe account

Stripe Account Set up

Log into your existing Stripe account or register for a new one at

Stripe Account Activation

You activate your Stripe account.

Supplier Set Up on the Coupa Supplier Portal

Your customer sends you an invitation to register for a Coupa Supplier Portal account via email.

Registration on the Coupa Supplier Portal

Complete the setup of your Coupa Supplier Portal account by filling in the required information.

Already signed up for the Coupa Supplier Portal? Log into your account.

Create Virtual Card Remit-to

You can add new, or update, share, or deactivate existing remit-to accounts by going to Setup > Admin > Remit-To.

Find more details on Remit-to accounts at View and Manage Remit-to Information.

Connect Stripe to Your Coupa Supplier Portal Account

Log into Your Stripe account and follow the steps to connect it to the Coupa Supplier Account. A token will be exchanged to complete the process.

When your Coupa Supplier Portal account is connected successfully to Stripe you will see a confirmation.

Payment Transaction – Create Invoice

You invoice the customer via the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Find more details on creating invoices here.

Payment Received in Stripe

After your customer approves your invoice and issues a virtual card payment, you will get notified by email. Your payment will be available in your Stripe account and you will also receive a standard remittance email with the payment details.