What is Coupa Verified?

The Coupa Verified solution is one of the optional programs a business can select via their Coupa Supplier Portal account. In this subscription program, a business works with Coupa to verify their contact information and submits business documentation as part of the verification process. Once Coupa has verified the account information, the business receives a Coupa Verified badge. 

This Verified badge indicates that Coupa has confirmed that the business has undergone a business data review and validation of the business contact information on their Coupa Supplier Community profile. This verification process increases Coupa’s data quality confidence score for that business and results in the business appearing higher in supplier directory searches. 

How do I get my business Verified?

Start the process here. As part of the verification, you will provide Coupa with your Company name and contact details and upload your proof of Identify. If you currently do not have an account you can create a new account and update your profile. If you have an existing profile, please make sure it is complete.

Can I lose my verified status?

Yes. To maintain your verified status, your account must be complete at all times during the validity period of verified status with up-to-date account information. It is important for buyers to see quality business data. As such, users on your account must be logged in at least once on a rolling six-month basis to maintain validity. Coupa Verified will send program updates to help you keep your Coupa Verified status in good standing.

What are acceptable forms of business proof of identity?

Bank confirmation letter

    • To obtain a bank confirmation letter, you may request one from your financial institution in person at a bank branch or online.

Voided check

    • You can get a voided check by going to your bank and asking a teller to print one, or you can write “VOID” across the front of the check to prevent anybody from using it.

Business Trade License

    • Provide a copy of your current state or local business license.

What if I haven’t created a Coupa standard account yet?

No problem. You can create your Coupa standard account either before or after you start the Coupa Verified business process. Go to the Coupa Supplier Portal and click “Sign Up” to create an account or log in to an existing account using your email address and password.

What is the verified badge and certificate?

The Verified Badge

    • The blue Coupa Verified badge lets companies searching for suppliers know that your business account is authentic, complete, and active. It is placed next to your company name and is prominently displayed on your profile in Coupa. Best of all, when Coupa customers search for companies like yours to buy from, your profile will be listed ahead of non-verified suppliers in the search results. Your business is listed ahead of other non-verified businesses because your data quality confidence score is higher once you have gone through the verification process.

The Verified Certificate

    • The certificate accompanies the badge and includes details about your authenticity. It can be downloaded and shared with any other customers that may wish to verify your identity.

Do I need to verify my profile to do business on Coupa?

No, you can still have a standard account with unlimited transactions for no fee. Standard accounts have lower visibility in search because the data quality is not as trusted as Verified accounts.

How does Verified provide value for supplier businesses?

The Verified offering helps supplier businesses amplify their trusted brand across the Coupa community and grow their business. Once Verified, Suppliers receive a blue Verified Badge on their Supplier profile and receive priority ranking in their commodity category when Coupa customers search the Coupa community of Suppliers. This priority search ranking is because of Coupa’s increased confidence in the business details.

How does Verified provide value for Coupa Customers?

The Coupa Verified badge gives our customers peace of mind with the ability to quickly discover trusted businesses that Coupa has Verified. The Verified process also requires the Supplier to provide comprehensive Supplier profile information, which is extremely helpful in automating Supplier information requests. Lastly, from an adoption perspective, this program has proved to motivate Suppliers to onboard onto the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Is the Coupa Supplier Portal still free?

Absolutely! The Coupa Supplier Portal functionality for transactions (Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Supplier Information Exchange, Shipment Tracking, Catalog Management, and Digital Payments) is still free. The Coupa Verified service is a completely optional offering for Supplier businesses.