Adding Attachments to Your Remit-To

Validate your banking information with a voided check or bank letter.

How to add an attachment to an existing Remit-to

Directly manage remit-to accounts from the Remit-To menu

You can attach voided checks, bank account statements, and other documents when creating a remit-to address that you can use to verify your banking information, reducing transfer bounce backs and fraud that can occur when banking information is incorrect.

On the “Add a new Remit-to” page, you will see the “Supporting Documents” field in the “What are your Bank Account Details?” Section of the remit-to form.

Supplier Remit-To Attachments

Action → To add attachments, you can click “Choose Files”

Action → Select up to five files to upload. If you want to replace the attachment(s) before saving, you can click “Choose Files” again and choose different attachments to upload, replacing any existing attachments in the process.

  • After saving the remit-to, you can edit the remit-to to add additional attachments, but you cannot remove existing attachments.

Note: You can add BMP, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or GIF attachments, with a file limit size of 10 MB for each file. The attachments are stored with encryption for security.