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Lisa Daigle

Chief Financial Officer, Neighborhood

Message from Lisa Daigle, CFO, Neighborhood Healthcare

Neighborhood Healthcare has partnered with Coupa to launch a new electronic payments program to get you paid faster and provide you with additional visibility. You can track and manage all your accounts receivable in one place and get instant access to every payment and associated remittance advice.

Beginning on March 1, 2021, you will be able to activate your free Coupa account and get connected for electronic payments. 

If you have questions, our accounts payable team is ready to help you at [email protected] or 760-737-6934.

Thank you for your continued partnership with Neighborhood Healthcare.


Lisa Daigle
Chief Financial Officer
Neighborhood Healthcare

Get paid quickly, easily and securely

Preferred - Amex Credit Cards

Our fastest, most preferred method of payment. Receive card payments easily with only an email address using Amex Credit Cards.​

Bank Transfers

If Amex cards are not accepted, get paid directly into your bank account. Proof of banking details required to be sent to [email protected].

Digital Checks

Digital checks are still offered if no other method is feasible. Receive a digital check that you can print or scan and deposit into your bank. ​


Offer convenient payment options to your customers

Get paid every way possible. Offer the convenience of bank transfers, digital check, and card payments to your customers so you can get paid faster.

Greater Payment Visibility

Online Remittance Advice makes closing your books a breeze with instant e-invoicing reconciliation for greater visibility and compliance of customer payments.

Immediate Availability and Convenient Deposits

You’ll be able to retrieve your check from the Coupa Supplier Portal as soon as your customer posts their payment. You can conveniently scan and deposit the check from your bank’s mobile app or print it and take it to your local ATM.

How it works


Activate your free Coupa Account

Check your email for an invitation from your Coupa Customer. Click the link to complete the simple registration process.


Complete registration 

Create a password to complete registration. 


Add your business details

Setting up your business details in Coupa will help you meet your customer’s invoicing and payment requirements.

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