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Message from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is always in search of new ways to make it easier to do business with us. That’s why we’ve partnered with Coupa to launch a new Early Pay Discounts program to help your business with cash flow whenever the need arises. Our program gives you a very convenient process to flag invoices for discounts to get paid faster at the touch of a button, with no contract updates needed. This can be done at the submission of a particular invoice, or when the invoice is approved, or for all future invoices.

LinkedIn’s established discount rate is 2% for payment within 10 days. Otherwise, your standard payment terms will apply.

We encourage the appropriate person from your organization to review all the benefits of our new program. Typically, this would be someone responsible for cash management from the CFO, Controller, or the Accounts Receivable Team.

To get started, use the Learn More links below to view step-by-step instructions and walkthrough videos. Then, look for the Get Paid Faster option in the Coupa Supplier Portal on your next order or invoice to easily add an early pay discount offer.

The LinkedIn team is also ready to help answer your questions: [email protected].

Use Early Pay Discounts Before Invoice Approval

 Select a discount payment term when you receive a purchase order or create an invoice.

Use Early Pay Discounts After Invoice Approval

Add a discount offer after you submit your invoice and it’s been approved for payment.

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