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Chief Accounting Officer, LinkedIn

LinkedIn is always in search of new ways to make it easier to do business with us. That’s why we are partnering with Coupa to launch a new sourcing and purchasing program. This program will shorten the payment cycle by handling all orders and invoices electronically using the Coupa Supplier Portal, and by sending you virtual credit card payments or depositing payments directly into your bank account. You’ll be able to track all your accounts receivable in your Coupa account, update your company’s information faster and more easily, and get instant access to every payment and associated remittance advice. Coupa also provides a centralized location to chat with LinkedIn team members about sourcing events and in-progress purchases, bringing all communications with us into a single place.

We encourage the appropriate person from your organization to review this new program and activate your free Coupa account when you receive your invitation. Typically, this would be someone from the CFO, Controller, or the Accounts Receivable Team.

To get started, review Coupa’s resources on this site or attend a Coupa Supplier Portal Training Webinar to get ready to use our new Coupa system. The LinkedIn team is also ready to help you create your Coupa account during your onboarding process.

Thank you for being one of our trusted suppliers at LinkedIn!

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