How to set up e-Invoicing

Before you can send any invoice, you’ll be prompted to set up e-Invoicing with Coupa. You can click on “Finish e-Invoicing Setup” or go into your Admin tab.

Step 1:

1. Click on “Admin” tab at the top of the page.

2. Click on “E-Invoicing Setup” of the left choices.

3. Click on “Add Legal Entity” button on the upper right side of the page. Enter the following:
Legal Entity Name

Hints are provided on the right of your Coupa screen.

Step 2:

You will only need to fill out the fields with the red asterisk * and your Tax ID.
Note: If you do not want to use this address for Remit-To then you will uncheck the box and be redirected to another page to create a Remit-To address.

Click “Done”.

Step 3a:

You will be redirected to a page to add in your Remit-To address.
Fill out the fields with a red asterisk * and any other required information. Click “Save & Continue”.

Step 3b:

Review the information for where you would like to receive payment.
If everything is correct, click “Next”.
If you need to edit anything, click “Manage”.

Step 4:

Review your Ship From address.
If everything is correct, click “Done”.