Dr. Ing. Thomas Schneider

Chief Procurement Officer

Message from Dr. Ing. Thomas Schneider, Chief Procurement Officer, ERGO Group

ERGO Group has partnered with Coupa to launch a new global procure-to-order platform. The Coupa supplier portal is completely free of charge, can be set up quickly, and helps you to communicate and conduct business with us more effectively electronically. ​

Coupa will allow you to interact with ERGO Group, receive orders, create and manage invoices and catalogues, receive real-time notifications, and much more. ​

I encourage the person responsible for Accounts Receivable to review this program and activate your free Coupa account. If you have questions, our team is ready to help you at [email protected]. Additionally, you can find general information about the tool at Coupa | ERGO Group.

Thank you for your continued partnership with ERGO Group.​

Best Regards,

Dr. Ing. Thomas Schneider
Chief Procurement Officer
ERGO Group

Welcome TO procure-to-pay for ergo group

Experience greater free e-Invoicing.

No more chasing Accounts Payable.

Real-time status updates online and through SMS
Direct collaboration with your buyer right on the invoice
No A/P data entry = Expedited invoice processing and approvals


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Instant Invoice Validation

Get notified of errors before you send your invoice, reducing issues that cause late payments.

Expedited Payment Processing

Save time and effort by converting purchase orders directly into invoices with a click of a button. Coupa delivers your invoice directly to your customer to enable them to pay you faster.

Real-time Status & Collaboration

Turn on real-time SMS notifications for new orders, invoice status, and to collaborate electronically on transactions. Get full transaction history to reconcile POs, Invoices, and Payments.

Compliant e-Invoicing

Coupa’s tax-compliant invoice software makes going global a breeze. Now you can automatically validate country-specific requirements before issuing an invoice.

How it works


Coupa Supplier Portal

(Low volume of invoices)

The Coupa Supplier Portal is a free tool for suppliers to manage purchase orders, invoices, catalogs and more.

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(High volume of invoices)

Coupa’s integrated e-invoicing accepts a data file in multiple formats from your accounting system.

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