be The first to get paid with dynamic discounts

Coupa Early Pay Dynamic Discounts help you get paid earlier by allowing you to offer your customers discounts on each of their invoices if they pay them early.

The Benefits

1. Get paid immediately

2. Automatically create early payment requests

3. Have control over your discount rates

4. Immediate cash on hand for unexpected expenses

How to get started

Step 1 – Select Eligible Invoices

Action → Log in to the Coupa Supplier Portal and select a customer from the dropdown list.

Action → Click on “Payments” → “Early Payments” to see a list of invoices you can select to offer a discount on.

An invoice is eligible for Dynamic Discount when:

  • It is approved by the buyer
  • Matches a Dynamic Discount setting configured on supplier record in Coupa Instance

    Step 2 – Choose Your Discount Rate

    Action → Select one or more invoices from the list.

    Action → Click on the “Get Paid” button on the top left to create an Early Pay Request and define your preferred discount rate (%).

    This discount rate is applied to all invoices in the Early Pay Request. The discount amounts will be automatically displayed for your review.

    Action → If the offer looks good, click “Submit”.

    Step 3 – Manage Payment Requests

    After submission, you will receive a message indicating whether it requires the buyer’s approval or has been automatically accepted.

    • Automatically accepted Early Pay Requests will show the expected payment date

    You can view the status of previous Early Pay Requests in the “Status” column.

    Manage Settings and Auto Submit Early Payment Requests

    You can manage Dynamic Discount settings through the “Admin” tab of the Coupa Supplier Portal. Choose to turn off Dynamic Discounts or automatically start submitting eligible invoices as early payment requests any time.

    Action → Set up automatic submission of Early Pay Requests by clicking “Yes” in the “Auto Submit” screen.

    You can always turn this on later under “Admin” → “Payment Preferences” → “Dynamic Discounting”.

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