The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting all of us. Standard check payment processes don’t cut it with everyone working from home. Getting you paid is a top priority.
Activate your free Coupa account so that your Coupa customers can email you a digital check that you can print or scan to deposit to your bank.

Minimize business disruption with digital checks

Paper takes patience, especially when combined with snail mail. Get direct, timely delivery with digital checks.
Liquidity is crucial, at this time, Prevent funds being trapped in transit and Improve your cash flow with digital checks.
Works just like paper checks but faster, secure and more efficient.


Immediate Availability

You’ll be able to retrieve your check from the Coupa Supplier Portal as soon as your customer posts their payment.

Greater Payment Visibility

Online Remittance Advice makes closing your books a breeze with instant e-invoicing reconciliation for greater visibility and compliance of customer payments.

Convenient Deposits

Scan and deposit the check from your bank’s mobile app or print it and take it to your local ATM.

How it works


Get Notified

You’ll get an email from Coupa notifying you that your check is ready.


Sign in or Sign up

Sign into the portal and navigate to the Payments tab.


Download your digital check

Click on the download icon next to the payment to get a PDF of the digital check. You can now print it and take it to your local ATM or scan and deposit using your mobile banking app.

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