Sending invoices is simple but getting paid isn’t always easy. Get your invoices paid faster with Coupa Dynamic Early Pay Discounting.

You can request early payment on any or all of your approved invoices by offering a discount rate. You’ll be notified if the offer is accepted or rejected.

This feature is only available to you if your Coupa Pay customer has turned it on.

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View Eligible Invoices and Create Early Payment Request

Log in to the Coupa Supplier Portal and click on Payments > Early Payments.

At upper right, use the Select Customer dropdown menu to see invoices from a specific buyer in the data table.

For any Eligible invoices in the data table, select the Get Paid Faster icon (displays as cash bills) in the Actions column. Currently, you can only do this for individual invoices.

Submitting Early Payment Request

– After selecting the “Get paid faster” icon, you are redirected to the Payment Request Details screen (offer page), where you can use the Discount
Rate selector to choose the discount percentage you will offer your customer.
– Click Submit.
– If your offer meets or exceeds the minimum hurdle rate (minimum APR) of the buyer, you will be paid at the date
under Payment Request Details.

Payment Request View

Once a supplier submits an Early Pay Request, they will receive a message indicating whether it requires the buyer’s approval or has been automatically accepted.

– Automatically accepted Early Pay Requests will show the expected payment date

You can view the status of previous Early Pay Requests in the “Status” column.

Auto Submit Early Payment Request

Save time by enabling Auto Discount and Coupa will automatically submit all of your future invoices for early payment once they are approved and become eligible.

The discount rate submitted for each invoice will vary based on how many days you get paid early.

To use this option you can click on “Enable Auto Discount” at the top right corner of the invoices table.

Manage Early Pay Discounts Settings

You can manage Dynamic Discount settings through Setup > Admin > Payment Preferences in the Coupa Supplier Portal.

You can choose to turn off Dynamic Discounts or automatically start submitting eligible invoices as early payment requests any time.