Coupa open buy form

Coupa Open Buy simplifies business shopping for corporate buyers. It offers a seamless shopping experience for buyers to simply purchase items from supplier catalogs from the Coupa search bar, instead of going to the supplier’s punchout site.

90 percent of every purchase in Coupa starts with the Coupa search bar and 63 percent of clicks land on the top three search results of page one, so being included in the Coupa Open Buy program helps to drive more eyeballs to your products and services. Grow your business by being listed in the Coupa Open Buy program.

Fill the form below if you’d like to be included in the Coupa Open Buy program. Note that you need to have a cXML punchout catalog enabled in order to be included. If you need help on getting your catalog enabled for a cXML punchout, you can talk to our catalog partner, Supcat, or refer to this guide.

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