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Message from Katherine Gleeson, CPO, Barclays

Barclays is working toward improving and streamlining our payments processes which includes aligning to the best practice of paying invoices to their net terms/due date from [DATE]. We understand this is a change to the way we’ve been working, therefore as part of our commitment to the success and sustainability of our suppliers, Barclays is launching new programs in collaboration with Coupa to offer options outlined below for invoices to be settled sooner or at net terms.

Barclays remains committed to contributing to the success and sustainability of our suppliers. We continue to do this by focusing on enhancing and streamlining our payment processes. Today we are pleased to share how we are launching three new programs in collaboration with Coupa that will support the reduction in payment timescales. We are offering you the opportunity to opt into one of the programs outlined below should early payment be of benefit to your organization or be paid at net terms.

Each program has the potential to improve your cash conversion cycle. Please read about each one to see which may be the best fit:

  • The Virtual Credit Card program enables you to be paid at time of invoice approval.
  • The Static Discounting program enables you to opt into a pre-approved discount term for early payment consideration at the time of invoice creation in Coupa.
  • The Dynamic Discounting program enables you to review approved invoices and select them for early payment consideration at a discount rate of your choice.

We encourage you and anyone in your organisation who is responsible for accounts receivable to review these programs and learn how they can help get your business get paid faster. We want to establish Barclays as a valued client of choice for our suppliers and look forward to your continued success.

If you have any questions, our team is ready to help you at [email protected].


Katherine Gleeson

Get paid early, easily and securely

Virtual Credit Cards

Receive your Virtual Card payments by secure email as soon as your invoice is approved instead of net terms.​​

Static Early Pay Discounting

Select your preferred discount from defined options and apply the offer when you create your invoice in Coupa.

Dynamic Early Pay Discounting

Offer flexible discounts in return for early payment on the approved invoices that you choose in Coupa.


Seamless Integration

Coupa is a one-stop shop for purchase orders, invoices, and cash needs. Have more control over your working capital with payment terms seamlessly integrated into your invoices.

Improved Cash Flow

Speed up customer payments by offering early pay discounts and be the first one to get paid. Have the lowest DSO possible and quickly recover payments on your accounts receivables.

Flexible Settings

Whether you want the same discount settings for all payments or different ones for each transaction, Coupa Accelerate allows you the flexibility to make every deal customized to your needs.

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