Offer discounts for early payment on your orders and invoices in the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Robert G. Butterfield

Message from Robert G. Butterfield, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Banner Bank

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Coupa to provide an Early Pay Discounts program that lets you receive early payment on your invoices with Banner Bank.

Using the Coupa Supplier Portal, you can easily offer a discount on your invoices for Banner Bank. The program gives you complete flexibility so you can choose exactly which invoices to discount, or set up the same discount to be automatically applied to all your invoices. If your offer is accepted, you’ll receive early payment using your current payment method.

Our Early Pay Discounts program is best reviewed by your finance team. If you are not the person responsible for cash management please forward this information to your CFO, Controller, or Credit Manager.

We appreciate your partnership with Banner Bank and look forward to you leveraging early payments for your continued success.

The Benefits


Submit your discount offer with the click of a button and get your invoices paid faster on your request.


 Use when needed or automatically apply on all your invoices so you never miss an early pay opportunity.


Discount offers go directly to your customer. If accepted, get paid using the same method you are paid with today.

Don’t just take our word for it