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with virtual credit cardS from AMLI

Suppliers get fast, flexible, and secure payments.

Joshua Pierle

Director of Procurement, AMLI

Message from Joshua Pierle, Director of Procurement, AMLI

AMLI is pleased to offer our suppliers Virtual Credit Card payments with Coupa. Virtual credit cards will get you paid quickly and securely, with remittance advice sent by email or accessed via the Coupa Supplier Portal. As an added benefit, suppliers receiving virtual card payments will get paid at invoice approval instead of net terms.

We encourage the person responsible for cash management to review this program and sign up for virtual credit card payments. Typically, this would be the CFO, Controller, or the Accounts Receivable Team.

If you have any questions, our team is ready to help you at [email protected]. You can also review our Virtual Card User Guide for more information.

Thank you for your continued partnership with AMLI.

Benefits of our new Virtual Credit Card Program in Coupa

Get paid quickly

Virtual credit card payments are issued right when your invoice is approved instead of net terms.

Get paid securely

Virtual credit cards are sent by secure email to the payments email address you specify.

Get paid easily

Charge your virtual credit card just like you charge a physical credit card.


No subscriptions, hidden fees or costs

Works with your existing merchant account, and Coupa doesn’t charge you anything for it. If you don’t have a merchant account, we’ll work with you to set one up.

Greater payment visibility

Online Remittance Advice makes closing your books a breeze with instant reconciliation for greater visibility and compliance of customer payments.

Straight-through processing capabilities

Have a large number of card payments and want to avoid manual processing? Coupa’s payment partner Boost can fully automate your credit card processing. Learn more  here.

How it works


Get notified

You’ll receive a secure email with your virtual card number, CVV, and exp date.


Charge your card

Charge the card just like a physical card using your existing merchant account.


Optional straight-through processing

Boost can fully automate your virtual card processing. Learn how

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